Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Key by Pauline Baird Jones

I've had The Key on my list of books to review for a few months now. The problem I've had - the book was so enjoyable that everything I wrote seemed inadequate. Now Dream Realm Awards has done my job for me by naming The Key the 2007 winner in the Speculative Fiction Romance category.

I heartily concur. Congratulations Ms. Jones!

In The Key, we follow Sara Donovan to a distant galaxy where Sara and her shipmates find themselves in middle of a bitter civil war. As the story unfolds, Sara encounters multiple alien cultures, engages in space battles, discovers a hidden city, and learns a great deal about herself. Underlying all the action and intrigue is Sara's growing attraction to an incredibly hot alien with secrets of his own.

I don't generally seek science fiction, fantasy, or romance stories. Books in these genres must come to me as recommendations from trusted sources. After several people suggested I would enjoy The Key, I picked it up - and then couldn't put it down until the last word. Anyone in the market for a fun read should check out this book - just be careful when you start it as you just may find yourself staying up all night to finish.

Writers looking to improve their craft may also want to check out Ms. Jones web page for writers - Adventures in Writing. Ms. Jones is quite generous about sharing her substantial knowledge.


Pauline B Jones said...

Charlotte, many thanks for the wonderful review! Coming from such an amazing writer, I'm speechless (but not typeless **g**). Did I tell you Sony Reader's update has finally allowed me to upload your book? Excited to get to it. I started it and you and Mark really are wonderful writers. :-)

Anonymous said...

And a hearty Kudos to ms Jones from me, too! Thanks for the tip to another great writer and the links.

Helen Ginger said...

Well, you sold me on it (and I don't usually pick up sci-fi/fantasy either).

And on a different note, I love that award, It's really beautiful.

Charlotte Phillips, Co-Author of Hacksaw said...

Yes - that is one gorgeous award.