Thursday, August 14, 2008

Psychokitty Rules the Roost

When Psychokitty says it is time to stop typing and go play - she means it! She has taken over my keyboard on more than one occasion, leaving me with interesting puzzles to solve -
  • How do I return the monitor image to a horizontal position?
  • Did she send that email?
  • Are there any kitty words ptczzzzzzz anywhere in the document?

Looks like it's kitty time. Have a wonderful weekend!


zhadi said...

Awwww!!!! I have similar problems with my feline children... Sometimes if I'm typing an email and one of them feels the need to add a note, I just send it as is...

Charlotte Phillips, Co-Author of Hacksaw said...

Sometimes Psychokitty doesn't wait for me to decide - she adds her feline take and manages to click 'send'. Great when the email is addressed to my boss. I have actually stopped putting addresses in the 'to' line until I'm ready to send just to prevent this little scenario:-)