Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Writing Habits

1) Computer, longhand, or other?
Computer is definately my first choice.

Ideas flow better with pen and paper, so if I'm stuck, I pick those up and start doodling. If it works, I have to transfer the great ideas to the computer right away. My handwriting is so bad that I can't read it, so I have to make the transfer while the information is still fresh.

2) Coffee or tea?
Tea. Can't even stand the odor of coffee.

3) Day or night?
Day -early morning

4) Favorite genre to write?

5) Pencil or pen to edit?
Pen - in a bright color that is easy to see

6) Unusual writing quirk or trait?
Too many quirks to list here

7) Writing from home or writing in a cozy café?
From home - need the quiet

8) Music or silence while your write?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Always cool to read what other authors prefer. I like silence when I write also.