Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 10 and Marvin Finally Gets a Turn

Today we continue "How, When, and Why to Write About Violence in Fiction and Film" over at Free Spirit. Our host, Marvin Wilson, author of Owne Fiddler and I Romanced the Stone, not to mention blogger extraordinaire, has followed the entire tour and has been most anxious for his turn. So, today it's all yours Marvin!

The complete violence series:
Followers of the 2009 Resqueth Revolution blog tour will have two opportunities to win a signed copy of The Resqueth Revolution.
  • Everyone who leaves a comment on the tour will receive one drawing entry per comment per blog site. At the end of the tour, two entries will be drawn at random and the winners will receive their very own, signed copy of The Resqueth Revolution.
  • Everyone who answers all quiz questions correctly will be enterred into a drawing for the grand prize – a signed copy of The Resqueth Revolution, a Resqueth pen, magnet and calendar, and a signed copy of Hacksaw, First in the Eva Baum Detective Series.

The Resqueth Revolution can be ordered from your favorite bookstore, purchased at ,, or any online bookstore. For e-book versions are available from the publisher.


Anonymous said...

I hope leaving a comment here gets me an extra entry in the drawing. I love science fiction books and this one sounds fantastic!

Mark Phillips said...

Maybe Charlotte is better at this blog stuff than I am---I hope that I'm not saying something silly---but if you're anonymous 1) how can we tell you apart from all the other anonymouses and 2) how the heck would we be able to get your prize to you?
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, though, because I humbly think you will indeed love Resqueth. I had such a blast writing this book that some of that fun just has to spill over to the reader.