Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 3 - The Resqueth Revolution Blog Tour

If you missed the lively discussions yesterday on writing action scenes, it's not too late. Just hop on over to Write First, Clean Later to read the original post and the comments. We'll revisit the topic of writing action scenes tomorrow at The Dark Phantom.

Today, we switch gears. Katy Hines, author of Guardian (which my neice and I both loved), interviews Mark at her blog, Walking on Water.

The tour continues tomorrow with the conclusion of "How to Write Exciting Action Scenes" at The Dark Phantom.

Previous stops on the tour:

March 16 - The first review of The Resqueth Revolution at the Unwriter
blog site and Chapter 1 of The Resqueth Revolution at Char's Book Reviews

March 17 - How
to Write Exciting Action Scenes, part 1 at Write First, Clean Later

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