Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Resqueth Revolution 2009 Blog Tour

Char's Book Reviews and Writing News is proud to announce: for the next two weeks, we will serve as the base of operations for the virtual book tour of a new science fiction novel, The Resqueth Revolution!

What is a blog tour?
A blog, or virtual, tour is a way for more readers to have access to authors on tour and for authors to meet more readers than is possible in a traditional tour. Instead of traveling from one book store to another, the author travels from one blog site to another.

In a traditional tour, the author might spend two to four hours at each store before being bustled off to the next stop. Readers hoping to see the most popular authors might wait in line for hours and then be limitted to a few precious seconds of verbal exchange with the person they've waited so long to meet. Newer authors don't have the same travel budget as established authors, so only fans in large, metropolitan areas are likely to have an opportunity to meet new authors whose work they admire.

In a virtual tour, the author spends an entire day at a blog stop and interacts with readers through the blog's comments. Readers and authors are not limitted by time or distance. Because some readers and fans will follow the entire tour, each stop on the tour is designed to provide a different experience for the readers.

The Resqueth Revolution Tour offers the following tour stops:

Followers of the 2009 Resqueth Revolution blog tour will have two opportunities to win a signed copy of The Resqueth Revolution.

  • Everyone who leaves a comment on the tour will receive one drawing entry per comment per blog site. At the end of the tour, two entries will be drawn at random and the winners will receive their very own, signed copy of The Resqueth Revolution.
  • Everyone who answers all quiz questions correctly will be enterred into a drawing for the grand prize – a signed copy of The Resqueth Revolution, a Resqueth pen, magnet and calendar, and a signed copy of Hacksaw, First in the Eva Baum Detective Series.

    Other web appearances:
    The Military Science Fiction site interviewed Mark a few weeks ago. His interview will be published soon.

    The Bluestocking blog interviewed Mark for their participation in the Ultimate Blog Party 2009, March 20-27

    Carolina Conspiracyinterviewed Mark on Feb. 25, 2009

    Suite 101 interviewed Mark as part of their Writer's Rituals series

The Resqueth Revolution can be ordered from your favorite bookstore, purchased at ,, or any e-bookstore.


Pauline B Jones said...

It's a great book! Congrats on the release and good luck on the tour!

Charlotte Phillips, Co-Author of The Eva Baum Detective Series said...

Thanks Pauline - and thanks for visiting the tour.


Mark Phillips said...

Thanks Pauline.
Readers out there who haven't read Pauline's The Key should read it. It's female protagonist doesn't back down from anything or anyone. I think her Sara Donovan character and my character Kyla Malkovich would get along just great.