Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weekend Touring - Day 6

It's been one exciting week on the 2009 blog book tour.

We started the tour with an exciting, rave review of The Resqueth Revolution, which we humbly invite you to read. Check out Unwriter.

On day 2, we hopped on over to Write First, Clean Later for the first installment of "How to Write Exciting Action Scenes." Judging from the number of lively comments, many of our readers and tour guests related to statements in the article.

Next, Katy Hines interviewed Mark about The Resqueth Revolution.

Then we returned to the action writing discussion at The Dark Phantom.

We ended the traditional work week with a trip to Book Talk Corner where Mayra Calvani interviewed Mark about the book writing process, advice he received from others, and what personal passions find their ways into his novels.

The first time you leave a comment at each of the sites above, your name is enterred in the drawing for a signed copy of The Resqueth Revolution. In other words, if you left five comments at one of the sites, you have one drawing entry. If you left one comment at each of the five sites, you have five drawing entries. It's not too late to visit and comment. I'll make a last pass through all the sites when the tour ends.

Today, we promised an extra chance to win a signed copy of The Resqueth Revolution. Before we get to that, I'd like to point out some other web events that coincided with the official tour.

On March 15, Janice Hally interviewed Mark as part of her Writers' Ritual series at Suite101. We didn't know when this interview would publish and were tickled pink when the posting coincided with the tour.

We have another bonus post! We were included in the Bluestocking 2009 Blog Party. Crazy Wilma from the Eva Baum detective series is interviewed. The post has been up for a short while, and already 21 people have popped in to read about Crazy Wilma. (Tip: Microsoft's Internet Explorer does not handle the site well. But not to worry, free copies of FireFox and/or Safari are available.) The party includes chances to win a number of different books.

Now for that chance to win the grand prize–a signed copy of The Resqueth Revolution, a Resqueth pen, magnet and calendar, and a signed copy of Hacksaw, First in the Eva Baum Detective Series. There will be two quizzes, one today and one next Saturday. The grand prize drawing is limitted to those who correctly answer all the quiz questions. Today's quiz has one question from each of the tour stops listed below for March 16-20.

Please do not post your answers to in the blog comments. That would ruin the fun for others. I created a special email account for the quiz - Please send your answers there.

Here's the quiz. Good Luck!

1) Ron Berry says, "Mark Phillips uses clever turns of words to paint a very vivid picture. As you read..." As you read, what happens?

2) In chapter 1 of Resqueth, the protagonist, Steve Marks, finds himself at an unusual job interview - "As I leapt off the couch the girl took a step forward. I could hear a low feral growl. And then she came straight toward me at astonishing speed. I put up an arm to block her attack as best I could. She had long ragged nails outstretched, and her lips curled back from those hideous fangs. Red foam bubbled at the corners of her mouth. I searched for something to ward her off. " What did he find to ward her off?

3) In part 1 of his article on writing action scenes, Mark compared writing action scenes to writing another kind of scene. What did he compare it to?

4) Katy Hines asked Mark which was more fun - writing Resqueth on his own or writing Hacksaw with Charlotte. Did Mark give a straight answer?

5) At the Dark Phantom, we learned the third rule of writing action scenes. What is the third rule?

6) On the second tour interview (BookTalkCorner) Mayra Calvani asked Mark what types of books he enjoyed as a child. Name one of them.

That's it - have fun!

Tomorrow, we'll post chapters 2 and 3 here.

The full tour:

Followers of the 2009 Resqueth Revolution blog tour will have two opportunities to win a signed copy of The Resqueth Revolution.

  • Everyone who leaves a comment on the tour will receive one drawing entry per comment per blog site. At the end of the tour, two entries will be drawn at random and the winners will receive their very own, signed copy of The Resqueth Revolution.
  • Everyone who answers all quiz questions correctly will be enterred into a drawing for the grand prize – a signed copy of The Resqueth Revolution, a Resqueth pen, magnet and calendar, and a signed copy of Hacksaw, First in the Eva Baum Detective Series.

The Resqueth Revolution can be ordered from your favorite bookstore, purchased at ,, or any e-bookstore.


Charlotte Phillips, Co-Author of The Eva Baum Detective Series said...

How does comment moderation work?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the tour is off to a great start! Looking forward to the stop at Free Spirit on the 25th.

Marvin D Wilson

Anonymous said...

A quiz - what fun!

Cynde's Got "The Write Stuff" said...

Hi, Charlotte!

I finished reading your husband's book, "The Resqueth Revolution," and it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

I "joined" your blog today, plus I have listed it on my bloglist #2 (most recent blogs) on my writing blog, which is called "Cynde's Got The Write Stuff" @

I'll be posting a review of The Resqueth Revolution" on my blog, "Cynde's Got The Write Stuff," and on Amazon as soon as I get a chance to write on up. I hope you'll stop over and visit my blog to see if you like it, if you haven't already. I keep adding new things in the hopes of getting more followers, so if you have any requests or suggestions to make my blog better, please let me know!

Thanks a lot,