Friday, May 29, 2009

Interview at Mysterious People

Today, Mark and I are interviewed at Mysterious People and tomorrow we guest blog there on the topic of writing together. Come visit us at Mysterious People. We'll be checking in all day to answer any questions posed in comments.

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Syl said...

Reading your banter and interview over at Mysterious People was fun! I followed Mark's advice and Googled Heinlein's 5 rules of writing. That lead me to a fan's site on Heinlein, which included a link to a photocopy of a 1952 Popular Mechanics article on Heinlein's new home, designed with all the conviences of the future. There's Mrs. Heinlein in saddle shoes, seated in her office - in the kitchen - with typewriter and phone. I love the free-association of the Internet.

Mark Phillips said...

Hi Syl,
I love that kind of free association. I do it a lot on Amazon, too, which is why I'm so poor.