Saturday, July 4, 2009

In Celebration of Freedom

July 4, 2009 - a great time to take a few minutes to reflect on the freedoms we still have and those we recently sacrificed to the need to feel safe. I was looking for a quote about how freedom isn't free. I didn't find that quote, but at, I found a number of thought provoking quotes on the topic of freedom. This is just a sample. Check out Proverbia for more.

The law will never make men free, it is men that have to make the law free.
- Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) American naturalist, poet and philosopher.

The will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of any government, and to protect its free expression should be our first object.
- Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) Third president of the United States.

There can be no real freedom without the freedom to fail.
- Eric Hoffer (1902-1983) American philosopher and author.

You can protect your liberties in this world only by protecting the other man's freedom. You can be free only if I am free.
- Clarence S. Darrow (1857-1938) American lawyer

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Helen Ginger said...

I really like Darrow's quote. I think ti cuts to the core. Thanks for taking the time to look these up and share with us.

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