Friday, August 1, 2008

Blog a Day Challenge

Dani Greer, founder of the Yahoo! Group blogbooktours ( is a wonderful, generous woman. She founded the Yahoo! Group so she could share her considerable blogging knowledge with writers. She wanted to teach us how to use blogs to let readers know our work exists.

I joined the group several months ago and have been 'lurking'. I didn't know I was lurking, I thought I was keeping quiet until I was sure I had something valuable to contribute. But Yahoo! Groups have a language of their own. People who only participate by taking - never contributing - are lurkers. Sadly, I was a lurker.

A few weeks ago, Ms. Greer decided to give us lurkers a good kick in the, well, you know. She threw down the gaunlet in the form of a challenge - write a blog a day for thirty-one consecutive days. Wonderful! Brilliant! An opportunity for lurkers to get off the bench and into the game. Okay, so it sounded more wonderful, brilliant, and exciting when the start was two weeks away. Now, 2.5 hours before the first deadline, I'm wondering if I'm out of my mind.

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