Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Sex Club

I travel nearly every week. On each trip I spend between nine and sixteen hours waiting – waiting in security lines, waiting for airplanes, flight crews, cabin crews, maintenance crews to show up, waiting for planes to be repaired, waiting for planes to take off, waiting for them to land, waiting for a gate so I can get off the plane. Much of the waiting occurs on the plane. I used to spend this time working, but personal space on airplanes is now so small that it is risky to open a laptop. If the person in the seat in front of you decides to recline his or her seat, the seat will collide with the pc – and the seat will win. So, I now spend the time reading. Last week, after some hesitation due to the title, I carried and read in public a book titled The Sex Club, by L. J. Sellers – and I’m glad I did.

Ms. Sellers ( doesn’t wait for page one to begin her story. She starts with the dedication, which begins with, “This book is for women around the world who have been denied reproductive choices and services.” The author clearly has a strong opinion on a divisive social issue. I was concerned that I had set myself up for a 347 page position paper. I should not have worried. Ms. Sellers uses her considerable story telling talent to present a very evenhanded, fictional tale of the various views on the issues. She does so with engaging, believable characters, a plot with unexpected twists and turns, and suspense that builds to an exciting climax. I hope to hear more from Ms. Sellers and the characters who survived The Sex Club.

The Sex Club, L. J. Sellers, Spellbinder Press, $8.50, 347 pages, ISBN: 9780979518201

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