Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ninth Lord of the Night

When I made my list of topics to blog about for the August challenge, I included reviews of recently read books and included Ninth Lord of the Night by Diana L. Driver. I was sure I had just read the book because the characters and story were so vivid in my mind. So, I was bit surprised when I picked up the book to read the ISBN and airplane boarding passes from April fell out. Since I regularly use boarding passes as bookmarks, I’m now certain I read this book in April and the story has stayed vivid in my mind for months. This is quite a feat for a work of fiction whose target audience is supposed to be young adults.

In Ms. Driver’s exciting tale, we travel with the teenage Zack from sunny California and his plans for a surfing kind of summer to the Guatemalan jungle adventure that is thrust upon him. Zack, the misunderstood, black sheep of the family, is traveling with his older brother – the good son, the popular athlete. Our young protagonist faces challenges from the underworld, his brother’s new friends, GIRLS, his uncle, and the mysterious Mayan gods. Through it all he sticks to his own moral compass and reaps the appropriate rewards.

Ms. Driver ( weaves a great tale, with believable characters – all while educating the reader on Mayan history. This was a wonderful book. I hope there is a sequel.

Ninth Lord of the Night, Diana L. Driver, L&L Dreamspell, $16.95, 230 pages, ISBN: 9781603180023

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