Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Won! I Won!

I followed Chester Campbell's blog tour from beginning to end, leaving comments at about half the sites. At the end of the tour, Chester held a drawing for all tour participants who left comments and he drew my name! I'm so excited and can't wait for my prize to arrive in the mail.
What did I win? Check it out at Mystery Mania.

I'm currently following two other tours - learning all I can about touring before launching my next book tour. I'm also learning about some great new authors and books.

Beth Groundwater has a fascinating tour in progress, including radio spots, character interviews, and more. Beth is an incredibly creative marketer. In her mystery series, Beth has weaves entertaining tales for her amateur sleuth who seems to travel in Goldie Bear's neck of the woods. If Claire ever needs a caterer, I hope she hires Goldie.

On Joan De La Haye's tour, I'm finding many new and fun blogs to add to my list - and learning about Joan's creepy, frightening book, Shadows - which sounds like a must read to me!

Those of you interested in romance - especially erotic romance - may want to check out the Ornery 11 tour. This tour, starring 11 erotic romance authors, is over, but the tour was great and you can still read all the posts and learn about 11 hot books.

Happy Touring


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Alexis Grant said...

Found you! (Just FYI for next time: The blog link you left on my comment page didn't work for some reason.)

I just moved to upstate New York from Houston!

Looking forward to following along on your blog.


N A Sharpe said...

I caught one of Chester's stops and got an email from Goodreads (I believe) about Beth's...still need to check it out.

Congrats by the way on your win!

NA Sharpe