Friday, May 8, 2009

Editing Got You Down?

Do you ever wonder how writers feel when they receive those "almost there" letters from editors and publishers? Check out this YouTube video to see how one young author handled the whole situation. Be sure to read the results at the end.

This is both a wonderful way to deal with "the almost there blues", a fantastic promo idea and great fun to watch.

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Midnight said...

Great video Char, thanks for posting! I found another vid at YouTube that is perfect for the frustrated writer, called Bernard's Rejection Letter. Look it up for a good, therapeutic laugh!


Megan Hussey

Charlotte Phillips said...


I checked out Bernard's letter and found it entertaining. Okay, it had me laughing.

I do hope aspiring writers understand how career limitting such a letter could be. Write them if you must, but NEVER mail them.

Still laughing at the creative use of eyeballs. Guess I'm just plain weird.


Helen Ginger said...

That was a cute video, Charlotte. Shared frustration can be funny!
Straight From Hel

Cynde L. Hammond said...

That was so adorable! Lara did a great job on that, did she?