Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Texas Mystery Writers

In honor of Texas Mystery Month, I thought I'd list some of the Texas writers whose work I've enjoyed. I'd love for you to use the comments to introduce me to the work of other Texas mystery writers. Today's post is about Texas writers. On Friday we'll talk about books and stories set in Texas.

Here's my list:

  • Susan Wittig Albert - especially the China Bayles series
  • Chris Rogers - the Dixie Flanagan books
  • Mark H. Phillips
  • Gayle Wigglesworth
  • Earl Scaggs
  • Christy Craig (really writes romance, but the romance revolves around a mystery)
  • Laura Elvebak
  • Cherri Galbiati
  • Nevada Barr (lived in Texas for a while, I think, while a park ranger in the Guadalupe Mountains) - the Nevada Barr series
  • Patricia Highsmith
  • Betty Gordon
  • Rick Riordan
  • Sylvia Dickey Smith
  • Steven Saylor - lives in Austin, writes mysteries that take place in ancient Rome
  • Kinky Friedman

I'm sure there are more Texas mystery writers out there. Who are your favorites?

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Morgan Mandel said...

Hey, I know a few authors on that list. I love going into bookstores, looking around and seeing books by authors I know in person or online.

Morgan Mandel

Charlotte Phillips said...


Welcome back! I trust you had an enjoyable vacation. I checked your blogs this morning and saw that you were back with a bang.