Monday, May 11, 2009

Texas Mystery Month

Did you know May is Texas Mystery Month?

I don't know when the tradition started or who started it, but bookstores around Houston (and presumably all of Texas) feature local mystery authors at book signings and panels in May. I like the tradition. Last year, Mark and I participated in a panel cosponsored by Houston's Murder by the Book and The Final Twist Writers. At that event, we had the opportunity to meet many other local mystery writers from other Houston writing groups as well has mystery fans.

This year, our marketing efforts have been focused on Mark's sci-fi, The Resqueth Revolution and I nearly let May slip away without taking the opportunity to mention our mystery series - The Eva Baum Detective Series (which will look more like a series when the second entry joins Hacksaw on the shelves later this year).

While we won't have an opportunity to participate on any panels this year, we do plan to attend several local events. If you are a mystery fan in Texas, you may want to check with your local bookstores to see what they have planned.

Of course, you don't have to live in Houston to participate. This morning I started a conversation on twitter with these two tweets:

CPhillips0923 Did you know that May is Texas Mystery Month? Who is your favorite TX mystery author? #TTMo

CPhillips0923 Did you know that May is Texas Mystery Month? What's the last mystery you read by a TX author? #TTMo

All you have to do to join the conversation is tweet about your favorite Texas mysteries or Texas mystery authors and end your tweet with #TTMo

I'm looking forward to reading about your favorites! You can follow me at Use the comments to share your twitter name with readers who may want to follow you - and go tweet about your Texas favorites.

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Linda Suzane said...

I tried tweeting the only Texas author I knew, Sylvia Dickey Smith
just reviewed her Dead Wreckoning at

? from Tweeter novice? What does the #TTMo at the end of the Tweet do?

susanalbert said...

Hey, Char--TX Mystery Month was inaugurated (I think) by the Austin chapter of Sisters in Crime, as a way to increase awareness of TX mystery authors. Check with Helen Ginger @MermaidHel for confirmation. I'm doing three events, one in Austin, two in San Antonio. Details at

BTW, there's a bibliography (not up to date) of TX mystery authors on the Southwestern Writers Collection (TSU) site:

Susan Albert

Charlotte Phillips said...

Hi Susan,

Your timing here is great! I was just polishing my next post - a list of Texas writers whose mysteries I enjoyed. (Guess who heads the list?) I was jumping back and forth between the post and Amazon trying to make sure I spelled all the names correctly. Your site was much easier to use.


Charlotte Phillips said...


Wednesday's post will start a list of Texas mystery authors and hopefully blog readers will expand the list in comments. I bet you know more than one and just aren't aware they live in (or are from) Texas.

Stop back Wednesday and see if you don't recognize some names on the list.