Sunday, November 8, 2009

And the winner is...

So, does the new kitty have a name? Not exactly. But the rescuers have excuses - some are even good.

We've been trying to find a better home the little guy. Our other cat, Psychokitty, is not fond of other animals. In fact, she prefers to eat interlopers, rather than co-exist on the same planet. This is not a healthy environment for an innocent kitten. We didn't want to name him (we're pretty sure now), as that privilege should be reserved for the adopter.

Twice last week, we thought our search had succeeded, but both times our hopes were dashed. In the mean time, kitty's collection of potential names grows daily. We (Mark and Charlotte Phillips - not kitty and me) love too many of the suggestions and can't agree. Little guy is getting stronger and developing a personality as well. New behaviors suggest new names (e.g. Purr Monster, Wiggle Worm), but those change daily.

In the interest of ending the name the kitty contest before the next millennium, we've decided to put all the names in a hat and pull one out to see who will receive a copy of A Box of Texas Chocolates.

And the winner is Mark Rosendorf who suggested "Trouble."

Thanks to Mark and all the other commenters who offered amazingly creative names. We wish we could send copies of A Box of Texas Chocolates to all of you.


Conda V. Douglas said...

Congrats to Mark!

Laura Elvebak said...

Sounds like an apt name. Mark, I know you'll love the book.

Mark Rosendorf said...

Thanks Laura, Conda and all. I'm looking forward to reading the book, i've heard a lot of great things about it.

When I saw the picture of the cat, the name just popped into my head...if it were a dog, you'd have to name it "Spot" in recognition of what it'll do all over the carpet.

Mark Rosendorf

Mark Rosendorf said...

Oh, and of course, BIG thank you to Charlotte, this may be the first contest I've ever won :)

Mark Rosendorf

Shannon said...

Shouldn't the name winner received the kitten? I'm sure Mark would love a little Trouble of his own.

Mark Rosendorf said...

Sure, ship the kitten UPS, lol.

Mark Rosendorf