Monday, November 2, 2009

Challenge and Contest

You may have noticed a looooonnnnnnnggggg break in posts between July and November. This was not planned, but the result of a number of external influences. I'm back now and signed up for a November blog-a-day challenge to help get myself back into the swing of things.

Plan A for the challenge was:
1) Get blog associated with website (not done)
2) Give blog a facelift (not done)
3) Gather books read July-October and write reviews (books are gathered)
4) Post one review per day in November


Plan B:
1) Put off figuring out how to make blog a part of the website
2) Put off facelift
3) Gather the books and think about writing reviews
4) Rush to submit short story before deadline
5) Rescue Kitty, try to find home, take to vet
6) Set up contest on blog to name the kitty

Plan B is going well. And, Kitty does need a name. What do think of Johnny Depp? I guess that's already taken.

Scroll down to yesterday's post to join in the fun. Winner will receive a signed copy of A Box of Texas Chocolates (signed by 12 of the 13 authors).


thelittlefluffycat said...

I decided to go Harry Potter. If male, "Sirius" (as in Black, of course!) and if female, "Nox", (as in the opposite of "Lumos!", the lighting spell.)

Conda V. Douglas said...
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