Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pound a Week Challenge

This morning, in my 4 AM stupor, I signed up for Steve Mancini's Pound a Week Blog Challenge. I missed the blog part - - - was focused on the challenge of losing one little pound a week. It sounds so doable. So, I signed up. Then I read the guidelines and learned I'm supposed to blog about the experience. So here I am...blogging because I signed up. Haven't done anything else, mind you. But I've committed.

In the introduction, Steve introduced the idea of eating a bit slower, taking time to actually taste food. And here's a novel idea - - - if you find you don't particularly enjoy what you're eating, stop eating it. That sounds easy enough.

The other tip was a small lifestyle change that I'd already incorporated for a different challenge. The tip is

When you drive to the store, park further away from the entrance.

The reason I'm already parking further away from the entrance? That has to do with that other challenge I mentioned earlier - the Moonwalk Challenge. More on that tomorrow. I'm off and running, er, walking.

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