Friday, September 2, 2011

Week #2 - Pound a Week and 6-month Moon Walk Challenge

Week 2 has come to a close and I'm going backwards! Too bad the goal isn't to simply make the scale change by a pound every week. I'd be doing great then.

I mentioned on KK's blog that I walked more than 20 miles this week and managed to gain weight. After I pushed the save button, it occurred to me that I shouldn't just spout off numbers like that when I have a pedometer and can be more accurate.

So how far did I walk over the last 7 days?

Friday - 1
Saturday - 1
Sunday - 2
Monday - 4.5
Tuesday - 4
Wednesday - 5.5
Thursday - 4.5

Looks like 22.5 miles! On a side note - any guesses which days I was in Chicago with its temps in the mid-80s and which days I was roasting in Houston?

So 22.5 miles and a gain of 1 pound. This brings to mind a visit to the doctor's office when I was about 11 years old. My mom wanted him to recommend exercises for me. His suggestion? Try pushing away from the dinner table sooner. I didn't fully appreciate that advice then, but I think it might be time to give it a try.

Steve's tip for week three concerns setting a timer when you sit down at a computer so you remember to move at least once an hour. He also shares an entertaining story about his adventures at Target. I can put this week's tip to good use when working in Houston. However, when working is Chicago, I'm generally in a conference room with 10-15 other people for the bulk of the day. We don't take hourly breaks. My first reaction was - well I can't use the timer in Chicago. My second thought - hmmm, wonder what they'd do if I got up once an hour and walked around the room. It might be fun to find out.

I'm off to celebrate my success in the moon walk challenge with a stroll around the block. While walking, I'll be thinking of ways to improve results in the pound a week challenge.

What challenges have you set for yourself and how are you doing?


Karen L Kay said...

Awesome re: walking 20 miles, Char! whoo hooo! That is huge! I think exercise is more important than dieting, because in the long run, we're gonna eat, but we have to pretty much make ourselves exercise... so Kudos!

thanks for stopping by and for the link back. You rock!

Anonymous said...

Thanks KK. Wish I could take credit for making myself walk, but I can't. I work in Chicago 4 days a week - no car. The walk between the hotel and office is a mile, which accounts for 6 of the 20 miles. On Monday and Thursday, I hike through two airports and between the train and the office - another 4 miles there. The building I work in is huge. Just running around from cube to various conference rooms gets me a mile a day - 4 more miles. So, I'm at 14 miles before I even thing about walking to lunch, dinner, or just walking.

The tables are turned when I work in my home office - in my dining room.

Now, where's the link to your blog???